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Hello Mason, Meet Fiber

Meet Unlimited Communication

From simple emails to video calls with your grandkids, fiber optic Internet delivers without interruptions. Spend your time communicating instead of just waiting for a connection.


Meet Unlimited Connectivity

Many new electronic devices today need Internet connections in order to fully perform. Fiber optic Internet has the bandwidth to allow every device to connect as it was designed. And with Mason Fiber it’s very easy.


Meet Unlimited Video

Video quality gets better everyday and so should your Internet connection. Enjoy your video in the highest quality possible, not in the low quality that some others may provide.


Meet Unlimited Future Possibilities

Finally, what makes Fiber ultimately unique is the amazing potential our tech will have in the future. From smart homes to virtual reality, our Fiber gives you the resource to enjoy any of those new avenues of entertainment.



Fiber Optic Pricing Starts @ $49.95/Month

The topic of extremely high-speed Internet bandwidth delivered over a fiber optic connection has been talked about in the national news for a long time. The problem is that no one is talking about this in smaller communities such as Mason. At Hill Country Telecommunications we are changing that. Starting next month we will begin connecting homes within the Mason city limits to a brand new state of the art all fiber network. Call us today and sign up to receive the fastest and most reliable speeds available in the area, from a company you know.

Hill Country Telecommunications – Connections that matter.

TV Becomes More
What about a home phone?

With Mason Fiber you may add local home phone service for just an extra $30 a month. Our technicians may even be able to connect your old phones to your new network. They will be able to advise you of your options during the installation of your new fiber Internet connection.


If you would like to keep your old phone number, we offer local number portability services for no extra cost so that you may keep your local number.

FTTH Video

Watch this informative video about Fiber To The Home, or FTTH. When you talk to family or business partner, regarding your need in switching to Fiber Optics, this video may help you explain why and the how to your personal and business success.


Fiber opens up security options that previously weren't home capable. With the speed and bandwidth size, monitoring your multiple applications for security gets easier. Secure your home or offices with all new options that only Fiber can support.